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How a Hunting Reserve Became a Snow Leopard Sanctuary

A couple of months ago there was a turning point in the history of the snow leopards of Kyrgyzstan; President Almazbek Atambayev ordered a former trophy hunting concession to be turned into a fully protected wildlife sanctuary.

Steve Wakeford, Man of Rare Character PART TWO

steve wakeford magnetic mountains climber snow leopard vodka

Magnetic Mountains is a British documentary film that follows the story of Steve Wakeford, who after falling from an Alpine north face, is struggling to find a balance. Featuring some of the biggest names in mountain sports, it will explore the psychology of risk taking in the mountains, asking – is it worth it?

Art For Animals

Guests at Art for Animals, Eastwood Ranch Foundation

Eastwood Ranch Foundation was founded in 2012 by Alison Eastwood; actress, director and daughter of Clint Eastwood. Alison is an advocate for animal rights in her home town of Southern California and set up the foundation to provide support to animal sanctuaries, rescue groups and no-kill shelters.

Shaken Or Stirred? The History of the Martini

The Martini; although a classic serve, one that has undergone some significant changes over time. We personally like ours dry with Snow Leopard Vodka and a sprig of rosemary a la the Conservation Martini, but the choice, of course, is yours. To demystify, here is the history of the Martini as far as we know.

Steve Wakeford, a Rare Character

Whilst working as a highly sought after TV Sports Editor and consultant, Steve Wakeford one day found himself on a high dependency ward in Central London, having suffered a collapsed lung. Contemplating the lifestyle choices that had lead up to this, Steve found himself at a turning point…

The Conservation Martini

Snow Leopard vodka rosemary bottle conservation martini

We don’t usually need an excuse to break out the cocktail shaker and stir up some Snow Leopard Vodka classic serves. But seeing as National Martini Day falls this month we thought we’d make an exception and spotlight one of our favourites.

A Sweet Idea

Snow Leopard Vodka Bon Appetit Sweet Pea Vodka Cocktail

As we edge closer to summer, we like nothing more than to enjoy the sunshine with a glass of something cool and refreshing. Cocktails are becoming more adventurous and bartenders are constantly on the hunt for new ideas.

Vodka-Steamed Lobster

snow leopard vodka vodka-steamed lobster

At Snow Leopard Vodka we pride ourselves on being a quality vodka with a unique flavour profile. And while drinking a great vodka you should be eating something equally luxurious. To us, there is nothing more luxurious yet simple than whole steamed lobster. With this recipe for Vodka-Steamed Lobsters with Tomato-Thyme Butter Sauce, Denise Mickelsen from Fine Cooking shows us how vodka can add a subtle sweetness to your lobster.

A Modern Take on a Classic Dirty Martini

Snow Leopard Vodka St. Dill Martini Saveur Magazine

We’ve been looking into herbs and spices a lot through our Forage Your Own series. There’s something so animalistic about gathering your own ingredients whether it be simply from your own garden or from further afield. Of course you can buy most of them from grocery stores these days but where’s the fun in that?

Fun at Coachella with The dFm

Snow Leopard Vodka hosted ‘The Sanctuary’ at The dFm House during Coachella weekend one; a desert oasis serving specialty cocktails.



Snow Leopard Vodka is perfect for a classic martini, served on the rocks and in premium cocktails.

Snow Leopard Trust

The Snow Leopard Trust is the world's largest organization in the study and protection of the endangered Snow Leopard. 15% of all our profits go directly to the Trust to help them on their mission.

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