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One Health Sweden

Adopt a Snow Leopard this Christmas

Snow Leopard Vodka Snow Leopard Trust Banner

The snow leopard may be a predatory leader and a shining example of athleticism but poaching is still a huge threat to their species. Their magnificent coats are alluring to garment makers and their bones are said to be essential for traditional Asian medicine. The mountainous habitats of the snow leopards are often deprived areas where life is hard and sourcing food and water a struggle.


Snow Leopard Vodka is perfect for a classic martini, served on the rocks and in premium cocktails.

Snow Leopard Trust

The Snow Leopard Trust is the world's largest organization in the study and protection of the endangered Snow Leopard. 15% of all our profits go directly to the Trust to help them on their mission.

Where To Find Us

Find out where your stockist is here and discover
the unique taste of Snow Leopard Vodka for yourself.

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