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Rare Character: Stephen Sparrow and his journey to save the snow leopards

Snow Leopard Vodka Rare Character Stephen Sparrow Founder

Rare Character: Stephen Sparrow and his journey to save the snow leopards

Meet Stephen Sparrow, a keen conservationist and the founder of Snow Leopard Vodka


His story starts whilst travelling in Nepal over 10 years ago where he fell in love with the majestic Snow Leopard. He was made aware by the locals of the dangers facing these creatures and the people sharing their habitats. 


Immediately he wanted to make a difference and decided that if he could make a quality product, sell it and give some of the proceeds to help this endangered species, he could make a significant impact. He was working back in London for a wine and spirits company at the time but was keen to combine his work with his love of nature. 


When a friend brought round a loaf of spelt bread she had made he was intrigued. He knew little of this ancient grain but after a little research he unearthed its numerous benefits. 


As a vodka drinker the idea of creating his own fine spirit appealed to Sparrow and with the inclusion of this newly discovered spelt grain he thought he could make a truly unique product. 


He did extensive research into distilleries specialising in vodka production and instantly felt at home with Polmos Lublin in Poland. It was here that Snow Leopard Vodka was born. 


Test batches were created and shipped back to England where Sparrow loaded his push bike and went from bar to restaurant around London, hand selling each bottle from a basket on the back of the bicycle. 


It was this do-it-yourself attitude paired with a premium product that landed Snow Leopard Vodka it’s place on the top shelf. 



So far Snow Leopard Vodka has raised over $250,000 for the conservation of Snow Leopards. We think you’ll agree that Stephen Sparrow is a man of rare character.


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15% of all Snow Leopard Vodka profits go directly to Snow Leopard Conservation projects. Use the hashtag #rarecharacter and help us spread the word.


Snow Leopard Vodka is perfect for a classic martini, served on the rocks and in premium cocktails.

Snow Leopard Trust

The Snow Leopard Trust is the world's largest organization in the study and protection of the endangered Snow Leopard. 15% of all our profits go directly to the Trust to help them on their mission.

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