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Nadia Mijiddorj, a Rare Character

Nadia Mijiddorj, Conservationist

Nadia Mijiddorj, a Rare Character

As Conservation and Education Manager at the Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation in Mongolia, Nadia Mijiddorj has made it her life’s work to protect the animals in her native homeland. 


Growing up near the Great Gobi National Park she was exposed to nature at an early age. Mijiddorj had the rare privilege of witnessing a snow leopard whilst on a field trip aged eleven. Her upbringing inspired her to study a Masters in Biology where she was awarded a Sidney Byers Scholarship for Wildlife Conservation. 


Now working at the Conservation Foundation (a partner of the Snow Leopard Trust) and studying for her PhD, her research focuses on “understanding perceptions of local mountain herders towards climate change, while investigating its impact on their daily life, routines and livelihoods”. 


Mijiddorj’s local knowledge of the people and areas she monitors enables her to better assist the indigenous communities. This is a huge advantage when it comes to both working with them to improve their livelihoods and protecting the snow leopard.


It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Nadia Mijiddorj, a person of rare character. Our drive at Snow Leopard Vodka has always been to support the vital conservation of these majestic creatures and we wish Nadia the best of luck in her endeavours.


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Snow Leopard Trust

The Snow Leopard Trust is the world's largest organization in the study and protection of the endangered Snow Leopard. 15% of all our profits go directly to the Trust to help them on their mission.

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