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How To Make Your Cocktail Truly Unforgettable


How To Make Your Cocktail Truly Unforgettable

There is a growing trend for using natural ingredients in cocktails. Not just as embellishment but to add flavour and complexity to a drink.


Discovering ‘nature’s larder’ is no longer the reserve of TV chefs and foodies. It is not unusual now to find herbs, fruit and vegetables on a bar, hand selected by bartenders, ready to create the perfect drink.


Adding herbs and plants to a cocktail creates a layer of complexity and can give an old classic a new edge. When you watch a bartender at work nowadays, you can be sure to expect more than a simple squeeze of lemon or twist of lime. 


Snow Leopard Vodka mixologists have developed some incredible flavour combinations using natural ingredients, which have been carefully selected in order to complement the distinctive nutty taste and creamy texture of Snow Leopard Vodka. Try our Chrysanthemum Fizz or Himalayan Sour.


There are endless ways that you can add nature to your drinking experience from syrups to infusions, milks, muddling, drinking vinegars and garnishes:



Heat sugar, water and your choice of fruit, vegetable or herb until the sugar melts. Let it cool then strain before adding to a cocktail.



Similar to creating a syrup but without sugar. Alternatively, leave the ingredient in hot water to infuse slowly rather than on the hob.



This is essentially ‘juicing’ a nut or seed with water and straining to produce a milk-like consistency.



The process of mashing up fruits, herbs to release the intense flavours to bind with the alcohol.


Drinking Vinegar

Cut up your fruit or vegetable, add cane sugar and mash in a mason jar. Cover with raw vinegar (such as apple cider or coconut) and leave for a week to seep. Strain into a bottle and serve. 



This is more decorative, usually related to the contents of the cocktail and to give it attractive finish.


Forage Your Own

Whether it be a sprig of rosemary in your Gimlet or lovage in your Vodka Caipirinha the benefits associated with forage-able plants are numerous. Wild varieties of foods tend to have a much stronger flavour to that found in your local supermarket. They are generally fresher, healthier and of course you can find them growing locally. Next time you need a natural ingredient to enhance your cocktail, consider looking a little closer to home and let it inspire you to new flavour combinations. It may just make your cocktail unforgettable.


Have you tried foraging for cocktail ingredients? Tell us your experience using the hashtag #ForageYourOwn


15% of all Snow Leopard Vodka profits go directly to Snow Leopard Conservation projects. Use the hashtag #GreatVodkaForGood and help us spread the word.



Snow Leopard Vodka is perfect for a classic martini, served on the rocks and in premium cocktails.

Snow Leopard Trust

The Snow Leopard Trust is the world's largest organization in the study and protection of the endangered Snow Leopard. 15% of all our profits go directly to the Trust to help them on their mission.

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