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The Original Spelt Grain Vodka


When Stephen Sparrow set out to create Snow Leopard Vodka, he knew it had to be a vodka of rare character, just like its name sake. That's why he chose to use luxury spelt grain, an ancient super grain five times more expensive than wheat and rye, commonly used to make vodka.  Spelt is what gives Snow Leopard its distinctive nutty taste and creamy texture and makes it perfect for a classic martini. Better still, each bottle sold helps to support snow leopard conservation. 

We are proud to have raised over $250,000 for snow leopard conservation projects to date.






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Seared Scallops with Lemon and Vodka

seared scallops on pasta

This delicious dish developed by Aida Mollenkamp is a delicate dish with just a few key ingredients, the best one of course, is vodka!

Aida recommends to dress up the seared scallops with lemon, cream, and tarragon or toss with pasta.

Tien Shen and the Journey to find a Snow Leopard

Stephen Sparrow on horse back in the Serychat

Our Founder Stephen Sparrow recently undertook an incredible journey by horseback into the Tien Shen mountains, in search of the elusive snow leopard. Not his first journey into the wilds of snow leopard territory, he is now a seasoned explorer. Stephen always has one goal in mind; to learn about snow leopard habits and behaviours and how better to protect them in the wild.


Vodka Lemon Chicken

lemon chicken in a pan

Ask anyone who enjoys cooking, they’ll agree adding wine to a recipe gives it that extra flavour the dish needs to really stand out. Cooking with Vodka is less common, but the end results are equally delicious. Not to be overlooked as an essential ingredient, the vodka in this classic Lemon and Chicken dish, adds that something extra to make an incredible meal.

We Are Back In Rhode Island!

Masterclass in Kuala Lumpur

When we heard that our Founder, Stephen Sparrow, was going to Malaysia, we knew we had to mark the occasion with something memorable.

Ten Things We Love About Snow Leopards

wwf snow leopard vodka world wildlife fund

It’s no secret we are obsessed with Snow Leopards. We think they are amazing and we are not the only ones. The World Wildlife Fund recently published this list of ten facts about the noble Snow Leopard. Known for their secrecy, Snow Leopards are one of the hardiest creatures on the planet, capable of surviving the extreme elements in the high altitude, mountainous regions of Central Asia. They are the reason we do what we do every day.

Berry Vodka Sorbet

Berry Vodka Sorbet in a bowl

As you know, when it comes to vodka we like to discover anything you can create with our fine spirit. We have it battered Heston Blumenthal style, made it into a jelly and even used it to boil lobsters. So this week is no different. From television presenter and chef Alton Brown comes a suitable summery recipe for the discerning palette.

Beer and Vodka Battered Fish and Chips

heston blumenthal romas foord fish and chips vodka batter

Fish and Chips; a British classic that has defied time and tradition. It is not generally considered a sophisticated dish, however on this occasion you may disagree.



Snow Leopard Vodka is perfect for a classic martini, served on the rocks and in premium cocktails.

Snow Leopard Trust

The Snow Leopard Trust is the world's largest organization in the study and protection of the endangered Snow Leopard. 15% of all our profits go directly to the Trust to help them on their mission.

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